Twin Saga: Tips and Tricks to secret quests

The free MMORPG Twin Saga offers many secret quests. We'll tell you where you find them and what rewards you cashed it.

In almost all MMORPGs, there is next to the main story, lots of side missions, with which you can pass the time you. In the free-to-play anime game Twin Saga you have the opportunity to explore the world beyond the borders of the story missions also. There are smaller jobs that are "secret Quests" are significant and hidden throughout the game. To start it, you must usually have a certain non-player character (abbreviated NPC) appeal. He lets us know what to do to complete the tasks you. Some characters require special items, others require you that you determine monsters done and some send you going to explore special places.

Secret quests there are in each area of ​​Twin saga. In the table below you learn where the respective client is:

areaQuest giversposition
Wollgras levelAlex ShepherdX: 926, Y: 566
Wollgras levelLittle girl TillyX: 1120, Y: 450
Wollgras levelmechanic FrankieX: 804, Y: 843
Wollgras levelHousewife AbbyX: 732, Y: 847
Wollgras levelRubin flowersX: 515, Y: 674
Wollgras levelascetic NyrX: 567, Y: 350
Wollgras levelBirders AugustusX: 654, Y: 988
Wollgras levelMyrmecologist BrimmX: 654, Y: 1134
Besanhavenforeman DominikX: 275, Y: 166
BesanhavenLittle girl NinaX: 421, Y: 218
BesanhavenPuzzling barrelX: 148, Y: 261
BesanhavenLittle boy KalanX: 200, Y: 269
BesanhavenStray boxX: 570, Y: 146
BesanhavenpoppyX: 516, Y: 359
BesanhavenMagic SpineleafX: 483, Y: 516
Besanhavenbroken boxX: 219, Y: 607
Vitreusmienenhealer KateX: 135, Y: 472
VitreusmienenMiners TeoX: 584, Y: 426
VitreusmienenJüngling BillX: 709, Y: 786
VitreusmienenNilbog Magus DragoX: 510, Y: 755
VitreusmienenBali AbaX: 460, Y: 898
VitreusmienenBirders AugustusX: 357, Y: 854
Vitreusmienen0007 JondX: 443, Y: 751
Vitreusmienenstrange glassX: 482, Y: 620
maple gorgeFeuerstein barrelX: 419, Y: 407
maple gorgesealed vesselX: 238, Y: 516
maple gorgeCorpse of the researcherX: 404, Y: 780
maple gorgeScout LukasX: 298, Y: 302
maple gorgehumidity boxX: 531, Y: 315
maple gorgeDrowned Boy WillX: 605, Y: 198
maple gorgemagic pylonX: 710, Y: 216
maple gorgeShaman WaldoX: 257, Y: 278
GlutsteppeLord of the grain KornanX: 652, Y: 235
Glutsteppedrummer ClydasX: 711, Y: 339
Glutstepperesearchers HarrisX: 451, Y: 233
GlutsteppeCrazy Bird watchers AugustusX: 399, Y: 184
Glutsteppeold chestX: 395, Y: 525
GlutsteppeCake dealer MandelusX: 643, Y: 659
Glutsteppealchemist MarieX: 685, Y: 721
GlutsteppeHändler GarethX: 524, Y: 753
AzurinwaldLittle girl HollyX: 747, Y: 429
AzurinwaldToriX: 625, Y: 409
Azurinwaldhusband JerrelX: 629, Y: 414
AzurinwaldSick forest NaomiX: 438, Y: 214
AzurinwaldKoch RamseyX: 484, Y: 594
Azurinwaldwater bucketX: 482, Y: 591
AzurinwaldMysterious little LilliX: 174, Y: 299
AzurinwaldRogue NaomiX: 156, Y: 592
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsBudding priestess LonjaX: 423, Y: 121
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsGunner WolfiX: 501, Y: 161
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsGirlie AnyaliX: 470, Y: 247
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsInsane genius SidneyX: 588, Y: 322
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsBirders AugustusX: 256, Y: 711
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsFriendly Zimmermann SaahilX: 234, Y: 459
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsInsane genius ToniusX: 220, Y: 404
Battlefield metropolitan ruinsSupply Officer WayneX: 195, Y: 349
Battlefield death StannKüchengott CarstenX: 170, Y: 357
Battlefield death Stannbotanist HaggardX: 142, Y: 445
Battlefield death Stanncomic hillX: 661, Y: 161
Battlefield death StannLord of Scents GrenouilleX: 698, Y: 97
Battlefield death StannLittle girl MeemaX: 598, Y: 183
Battlefield death StannBirders AugustusX: 438, Y: 138
Battlefield death Stannsweet melonX: 647, Y: 518

NPC Shaman Waldo gives you a secret order.

For each completed quest you will receive a reward. It is usually around five success and five bonus points. Also, you earned it one of the titles that you bring some improved status values. Once you have mastered in an area all secret quests there for you also a title, 30 success and 30 loyalty points.

If you start with an order, you can check out on the mini display, where you have to run to meet him. Before you begin, however, with the quests, you should take a an overview of all tasks. Especially if it accumulates items, you can on the way to the quest giver or the next job done. But it is not worth it to kill monsters in advance, because they are only considered as defeated if you have already accepted the quest.

You can you work a little easier. For this you considered you a route through the area on their maximum number of quest givers found. Participate in as many orders as possible, they settled and then run again all NPCs from. So it saves you duplicate routes and can, if you're already in a certain area section to easily perform all tasks simultaneously.

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