Minecraft – Pocket Edition: So you created your you …

Since May 2015, there are also mobile game Minecraft - Pocket Edition is the ability to create skins for their own game character and then to use them. After all, each of us does not want to be combative action against the Creeps and other fiends with Steve. But to directly modify the game itself the appearance of the protagonist, is not possible. Luckily, there are resourceful programmers who have published the necessary editors for all three platforms, so you can give a more personal touch to the game.

Selection of some skin editors for Minecraft - Pocket Edition:

  • MC Skin Editor (Windows Phone)
  • Minecraft Skin Studio Encore (iOS)
  • Minecraft Skin Studio (Android)

So your character look like in future.

Depending on the editor you are now already altering existing figures according to their own wishes and adapt able you to form either a completely own character or a search. With the MC Skin Editor, for example, painted her arms, body, legs and head as you like it. With the preview function you look instantly your artwork and you can adjust as appropriate textures when they are moved, for example. Are you happy, you're missing the skin a name and save it. Depending on where you save the file, you must later select the appropriate location when it in Minecraft - want to move your character Pocket Edition.

Source: Microsoft Lumia