Hearthstone Guide: Hunter class in the Guide

Each class in Hearthstone has a very unique pool of cards and abilities. Rexxar is no exception in the relationship. Even if there is no game mechanic unlike shaman and Co., only he uses alone, he is unique due to its affinity for wildlife. Apart from the warrior no one is so effective in the rapid destruction of life issues such as the hunter.

card strategies

As always, there is no ideal combination that guaranteed to lead to victory. Deckbautipps can therefore always deal only with certain combinations or synergies. The stack of a hunter is usually successful in building early in the game a preponderance of small, but powerful creatures and to overwhelm the opponent with it. Since build most class-specific maps of the hunter of wild animals and these also strengthen each other, should also almost only wild animals are your deck. 15 are better would be 20+ absolute minimum. Key elements are the cards Skills "rush" and "+ X attack" to strike quickly and effectively. Important cards that should be in every hunter deck, are accordingly "Let the dogs loose!" And "Assfressende hyena". Also the "Starving Buzzard" is the only card puller Hunter's critical to winning.

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No one is following the motto: "Best Defense" as consistent as the hunter. Apart from a few effective secrets like the "booby trap" and wild animals with the ability to "ridicule" has Rexxar no significant defensive. Long hold is not the goal, because everything on the other side of the battlefield is supposed to fall fangs and claws to the victim. Hostile creatures that can still be dangerous, the hunter eliminated with spells such as "Arcane Shot", "Hunter's Mark" or "Kill".Hints:

  • To be considered when "reading track" for example, is that the two cards are not selected will be discarded and not re-migrate back into the stack.
  • Neutral cards migrants like the "engineer apprentice" can not to stand without hand card help in the medium term.
  • The hunter also has weapons. "Eagle Horn Bow" and "Gladiator Longbow" are indeed relatively rare, but extremely effective in conjunction with the heroes ability.
  • Cards like "Snake Trap" and "Savannah High mane" make very good synergy with the "starving Bussard".
  • Because of its wildlife-specific cards, Rexxar is only limited to the arena heroes.

First phase

1. Stone pick Reber. 2. Target Sure Shot. Much better the start can not walk.

Thanks to the many cards with low mana cost, it should be no problem, usually play a card in the first train. Ideal are seekers as "track read" or servant as "Young dragon hawk" or "stone hoe Reber". The motto is: build as early as possible pressure and bring a few wild animals with good attack values ​​onto the field. The first trains are the time makes his points in the Rexxar. Do not be afraid servant at a 1: to lose one exchange. It always come to that. It is important to keep up the pressure. Pursuing your comparison a similar strategy with many small creatures trying to outdo him to ground. Effective use of your Manavorrats is related to the variety cheaper cards not handicapped. You definitely will nevertheless, consider whether an unerring shot or a magic lights for the opposing rows makes no more sense than it was to play a buzzard or forest Wolf. That would not "rush" preferred targets before they make a difference.


Besides falling, not much Defensive found in the collection of the hunter.

Manages your Opposite ten trains withstand and save his life points, it gets more difficult. Then usually only surprise attacks and fully fashioned combinations help with "rush" and "Assfressende hyena", but can quickly become very strongly with other wildlife. Is still no way through, Emperor Cobra and savanna high mane can clean as a key creatures. Defense is actually not an option and should be left to secrets. His weaknesses revealed the hunter class in the late game, especially when pulling cards. Since he mana cost of her has many cheap cards that build only through mutual strengthening pressure Rexxar in the final missing opportunities against strong cards to proceed. He should therefore have largely completed its hunt for life points before the defense is. And bring with "Kill" or "aim Sure Shot" the matter to an end.

concluding remarks

One for all, all for one. The early bird catches the worm and nothing ventured, nothing gained. And there's half a dozen more hackneyed phrases that describe the gameplay of the hunter class meeting. The great thing about hunting is the simplicity. Especially for beginners in Hearthstone Rexxar has its appeal. Everything fits together with everything that can be combined and improved. but the simple is also its weakness, because what else but "Let the dogs go!" the hunter can not. Gen end the air is doing quickly, hunting should therefore be decided early, which is particularly long lasting duels against Paladin and priest for ordeal.Source: Closed Beta

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