The Simpsons – Springfield: Job Manager and tax authorities …

All information about the Job Manager and the tax authority!

Electronic Arts delivers something new under construction game The Simpsons - to Springfield. In most cases, these are to large-scale events with new buildings, figures and Co., this time dedicated to the publisher of a real workload. With the tax authorities and the Job Manager in The Simpsons - Springfield powerful you can save a lot of time if there is to collect a lot in your Springfield or countless characters run out of work through the area.

* Update of 23 October *

Ratzfatz achieve higher level - EP accelerator

to gather enough experience in higher level stages to move up one level, is a long task. The EP accelerator is designed to counter that is to be rewarded for his services with plenty of donuts.

EP accelerator is a free building with the quest Point acceleration lands in your Springfield. Once done, let her Homer with his pad play and get after completing this task, the EP-boost for a day free of charge. Means in plain language, for 24 hours lands for every action in your own Springfield or neighboring cities five times the experience points on your account. In this way the next level level can be achieved in no time. As long as this boost is activated, the number of XP points is highlighted so that you do not miss any bonuses.

but after that you have to reach into your donut store cupboard if you want to use this power-up:

1 day5 Donuts
3 days10 Donuts
7 days20 Donuts
10 days25 Donuts

A donut-eaters in the form of EP-accelerator.

Job Manager in The Simpsons - Springfield: What does the feature?

No question: The constant tapping the tablet or smartphone displays can already walk properly on my nerves. Especially when you are in The Simpsons - enabled Springfield many figures and buildings erected. Since taxes or rent must be collected and are on the next corner figures uselessly who earn no money. And exactly this is the Job Manager a nice feature.

Unless you have built in Mobile Game, the employment office, you'll get over it access to the Job Manager. This feature allows you to send several characters at a time on the job. Divides the activities of duration. So it is possible for you to send Springfield example, 60-minute or 12-hour job. Here you can see not only your reward in the form of experience points and money, but also how much you have to pay for this comfort feature.

The practical job-manager of The Simpsons - Springfield.

read correctly: You have to shell out money to use the Job Manager. Profits do you do with the jobs will be still. To what extent this is for you but it is worth, you have to decide for themselves. Either uses her that luxury or you share as usual each character individually to work. Players who like to bang out donuts, can also easily speed up all the jobs of a certain time for a certain number of calories bombs flash.

IRS - Less typing, fast cash money

The IRS building, however, will help you in this rapidly collect money. Until now you had in The Simpsons - Springfield nudge each building individually to let the greenback wander on their own account. Use the IRS saves ye future some work and accelerates the recurring action. Once the IRS is in your town, collects their earnings within a radius with a single touch of the screen automatically.

  • An example: If there are a small area several residential buildings with bills on their roofs, you just tap on a house. At the same time it reaps revenue of surrounding buildings.

With each stage of the tax authority it facilitates you the life in The Simpsons - Springfield.

Even more, the tax authority has an effect on your daily Sammelwut once their expanding the building. With each level you enlarged the perimeter and look comfortable with how the coal neighboring buildings automatically lands on your account.

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