The Settlers Online: New mini-adventures and Premium Time

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give fast nor fresh baskets in order and one, two buff friends before the mechanics anknipsen maintenance mode! For several hours Ubisoft closes tonight's servers Settlers Online. The aim of the work is database optimization and recording a new update. If everything goes according to plan, you are allowed back in the morning to the island and some features try.Do you have any luck, bring your explorers from tomorrow cards to new adventures with. "The dormant reef", "The Sleeping Volcano" and "Pirates of life" are comparatively lightweight single-player challenges of the type "The Missing Skull". The three mini-adventures are you also the merchant to choose from.

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Also in the shop of the game you'll find the new premium status on time in a separate category. From a few days to a year, you will receive as a holder of a premium account several advantages, for example, 50 percent more loot and experience adventures, longer buff effect time and another place in the building queue.

Source: website of the game