The Settlers Online: Easter Event 2017 started – All information!

If you you in the free-to-play browser game The Settlers Online logs today, you will find that there is on your island powerful Easter mood. The Easter event 2017 has begun for you, this means re-collect diligently striped Easter eggs!

The little blue things are the means of payment in the event category of merchant who holds many great things for you - without irony. These include generals as the master of martial arts and the veteran and explorers, namely the intrepid explorer and the new brave explorer, double the loot from treasure hunts brings. There is also the Easter event building as the Sea property, the water mill, the improved grain silo, the improved butchery and - also new - the improved mill (produced three times as fast as a normal meal). Buffs and decoration can you also buy you for striped eggs naturally.


As usual with major events, there is also another special building that will unlock it by completing a quest event, at the very beginning: the university. It is, as before the Easter to attract a building that new settlers on your island - three times as fast as the village school. You can only increase the level of settler Uni by unlock their successes. These achievements also bring you a striped eggs. Also nice: You can capture striped eggs at (normal, military) adventures at this year's Easter in The Settlers Online. This feature many players have sorely missed on certain past events, such as Christmas and Halloween.

In addition, at the used eggs as collectibles on your island, expeditions (plays yet?) And if you quests done. This includes, for example, that their troublemakers must expel from your island in The Settlers Online, which works only with military action or buffs that it produces in one of the food store. The Buffs do not work themselves with you, you have your friends or guild members ask what to throw.

Even with guild quests there during Easter Events 2017 eggs as a reward. Your discovery of treasure hunts bring naturally also with what - how many depends on the length of the search.

That's not always just the same adventures are played to collect eggs (were popular in the past mainly epic adventures such as The Black Knight or The Raging Bull), Blue Byte has screwed something on the yield of other ATs to make it more attractive , The following adventure currently called "Seasonal Adventure" and will bring you during the event three times as many raw materials (including eggs) and experience points as a normally:

  • whirlwind
  • Sattelfest
  • Victor the Sly
  • gunpowder
  • mother's love
  • pirates life
  • The privateers raid
  • Wilde Waltraut
  • Hunting the Hunters

You notice already, or almost anything rather unpopular adventures often bring many losses and relatively little loot with them. Maybe you give them to the Easter event again a chance.

The first turn-off of the Easter events in The Settlers Online will begin on 18 April. Then almost all the paschal content disappear from the game, you can your eggs but still spend at the grocer's. Final deadline is April 25.

Source: Game / Official Site