Forge of Empires review: The long road towards the future

Experience and steer the rise of a civilization - in Forge of Empires you lead the people of your settlement by the human history.

Ever since the worldwide success of the "Age of Empires"Series have strategy games in which we work our way into the next from an era of human history, conquered a small but not become indispensable corner on the shelves of many gamers. One of the most successful browser games of this genre is Forge of Empires InnoGames. More than five million players have registered so far for the title of the Hamburg-based game provider and started a career as a leader of a Stone Age settlement. Forge of Empires ends currently in the colonial period, with the industrial age, the journey through the history should however continue in the current year. is also with us in the editorial office of one or two months in the game on the road and struggles through the centuries.Currently Forge of Empires is still in open beta, a free-access testing. We continue to meet to smaller graphics and text errors but does not affect the game. In recent months, much has happened in terms of innovations, reason enough to watch the game even more accurate. We have investigated the questions: How is the bumpy ride through the ages? Will we whipped from century to century, or we sleep more of a, on the way towards the future? How extensive the title is actually, finally, InnoGames has indicated that it made a lot of Forge of Empires. And last but not least, to whom the journey is aimed anyway? Virtual War strategists or rather peaceful traders and economic Optimizer?

Easy entry into a complex game

Go, we rock the Stone Age! So what's up? hunting mammoths make fires in caves or gather berries? Nothing like that. Huts serve as simple dwellings. In the hunting lodge, we can produce arrowheads and bone daggers. Before we started to look right, we have already arrived in the Bronze Age. Well, so expect better things in a new bright era. A look at the research menu reveals what will occupy us shortly: The art of forging and brewing we learn as well as riding and building the first siege.With the help of Ragu Silvertongue, our first quest giver, we familiarize ourselves in the Bronze Age with the basic game functions. The grandfather with the bushy eyebrows turns out to be a practical guide, which can together with the other tutorial figures no questions unanswered. Anyone with some experience from other online strategy games can be found but also without briefing way around quickly. Gold, tools and new residents are used to build more buildings. A satisfied population is essential for a prosperous economy. Decorations in our settlement serve exactly that purpose and put a smile on the faces of our subordinates. Adjacent sectors can be explored and conquered in order to obtain access to rare goods and resources. The initial scenario is structured intuitive and allows easy entry. First, complex-looking features are explained one by one.

The silver tongue helps to start with rich rewards.

With an eye for detail

Achieving a Sustainable we can only be successful if we are to take care of details as well as around the big picture as a leader. Since the space on which our settlement can spread is limited and never really sufficient to achieve a balance between residential buildings (Gold revenue through taxes), production (tools and luxury goods) as well as decorations and cultural institutions (satisfaction) is important. More space and more modern buildings we get in the game through our research. New buildings are usually more efficient, so the cityscape modernized by demolition and rebuilding gradually in a natural way. It also pays to invest time in a space-saving arrangement of the building or to think in advance what technologies we should explore next to go as quickly as possible to the desired production building or the branch of our choice.

The Forge of Empires research system:
Anyone who has ever played a civilization-part, will feel right at home. The overall development through the ages runs over a branched tree from the left to the right. Individual technologies build on each other and need to be explored in turn. Depends on which path we take, we can move toward, for example, faster new era, as we prefer individual research or omit. Or we proceed initially slow ahead and take all the technological and cultural achievements on our way with. More modern research also need more resources, so we are forced to economize and to weigh what is best for our current development. In addition to so-called Forge points are gold, tools later luxury goods needed to be able to actually use the technologies researched.

Man, that everything takes a long time ...

After a first glance falls on: An empire does not come overnight. Our journey through the eras of human history is one that extends over months rather than days. Then who can quickly should use Premium or look elsewhere. Of course, activity plays an important role, because who looks often to his village, also provides more ago. Especially at the beginning of our production is running at slow because we underestimated the need, the need our citizens for rapid development. We'll create with the supplies and tools do not produce afterwards, so great is the material hunger.

Always nice to collect supplies and fill their own pockets, otherwise layer is fast in the shaft. we can interact with other players on the neighboring bar at the bottom of the screen.

Helpful in this regard is also the interaction with other players. From the beginning we have the opportunity to visit other tribal chiefs and to support them. Unlike other online strategy games such as Travian or Grepolis we are not in Forge of Empires all together on a large world map, but act similar to The Settlers Online over a bar at the bottom of the screen with our neighbors. These neighbors are assigned to us by the system depending on the game progress, so we usually meet on people of our levels. but own strips for friends and guild members also helps to keep in touch with other players and step up to help us.Once arrived in the neighboring settlement, we can motivate workers there or decorations "polishing"To promote the production and the way to dust off a few gold coins. Maybe we can find in this way even a rare blueprints for legendary buildings. But more on that later. With appropriate force in the hindquarters also an attack on our players is recommended. Finally, rare resources can be plundered after successful battle next inventories. Which brings us to the fighting in Forge of Empires, a rather disappointing chapter.

The horrors of war

Can be roughly divided into two categories clashes. On the one hand we are fighting on a continent in a kind of single-player campaign to new lands, on the other hand we conduct offensive and defensive battles against other players.

Since we currently have no color or wood and do not use diamonds, we are left with the war.

Clear advantage: We must not fight, though conquests accelerate our progress just at the beginning. To get on the continent to new areas and their valuable goods, we can, for example, negotiate with the current owner. we give the leader of the luxury goods he wants, we save lengthy disputes about the individual sectors. But for this we must be in possession of this rare goods only once. (Wood, stone and marble can be produced at will, once we have acquired the necessary technology to raw materials and are sufficiently stockpiled.)Other game developers forego entirely on a combat system merely provide reports at the end of a battle and set the focus in their games to another aspect as production chains and trade. But if there's now a combat system, it should pounce something too. And since failed Forge of Empires pretty.

Bonuses such as increased defense values ​​by terrain or distance attacks are decisive for the outcome of a battle.

Send compared to the usual and detailed look is expected us in combat situations a graphic that is frightening and repulsive at the same time. At first sight, we rubbed our eyes and losgeprustet: "Anyone who has committed a crime that?" Thoughts flashed through our minds. Is that still the same game? What InnoGames has thereby only intended to evoke a turn-based pixel monster from the 80s? Does the developer budget no longer enough? God's sake, why?

After a few rounds, we have reassured us again. Even if it's difficult, we cling to grottige graphics of times. Then the combat system is even slightly wrest. The battles are in fact more than just a simple slugfest. Critical to winning the respective properties of each type of unit and the nature of the environment. Spearman example, are strongly against fast enemies and defend well from forests out. Rock spin have an extreme range and make more oomph when they are placed on hills. A close look at the details and a tactically clever formation worthwhile extreme. Nevertheless, the fighting in Forge of Empires total of ugly and slow. A fat minus. 

Play now Forge of Empires!Experience and steer the rise of a civilization - in Forge of Empires you lead the people of your settlement by the human history.Play now Forge of Empires!Experience and steer the rise of a civilization - in Forge of Empires you lead the people of your settlement by the human history.Play now Forge of Empires!Experience and steer the rise of a civilization - in Forge of Empires you lead the people of your settlement by the human history.Play now Forge of Empires!Experience and steer the rise of a civilization - in Forge of Empires you lead the people of your settlement by the human history.Play now Forge of Empires!Experience and steer the rise of a civilization - in Forge of Empires you lead the people of your settlement by the human history.

But even if we try to banish the pixel war from our style of play and to avoid any fighting, whole and complete without military's not going well. The risk of being attacked and looted, is indeed still. With a few precautions when it comes to defense can be the risk of ending up as a farm for others, but easily minimized. 

  • Tips for beginners: So you defend yourselves against aggressors!

Beekeeper, salt traders and hemp farmer

While we so little by little towards the next era (in the Iron Age mounted warriors come, yeah!) Travel and mess around in our settlement, notice that the luxury goods play an increasingly important role. Marble, copper and salt are helpful but also essential for our development in the timeline and in the construction of huge magnificent buildings not only in negotiations to new sectors. With the technological advances we get more and more opportunities and can try later as beekeepers, hemp farmer or jeweler. However, construction site is in short supply, so we have to decide on a few goods and get us the rest of the market forward. Through our conquest on the continent, we have access to some rare resources such as flowers and Marble, accelerate our production of certain goods and more effective.Each player finds other deposits off in their own campaign, characterized the exchange among neighbors to major pastime and the variety is ensured in the market. Practically we organize ourselves in a guild, trade is more favorable. In addition, we can set right in the neighborhood bar and see which goods are being produced in excess or short supply.

The road to the luxury goods usually leads through the marketplace.

Who aims high, should take Stulle packages

The biggest challenge in Forge of Empires, however, called the establishment mighty wonder of the world, legendary buildings without question. This feature is only comparatively short on the live servers, but already influenced in outstanding dimensions of the game, since intensive cooperation between players is necessary for the construction of Notre Dame and the Coliseum.

Our first blueprint, juhuu!

Legendary buildings there is something for every age, so we can join in from the start. Once built, offer us these cultural magnet impressive benefits such as increased levels of satisfaction or regular free resources. But until that happens only once, and one of these buildings graces our settlement, a lot of sweat must flow and a lot of stumbling blocks are out of the way. Or we pump a lot of premium currency in the construction, which is then but really expensive. Two things must be in our possession before our builder must swing the hammer: blueprints and luxury goods. Every building needs a considerable number of different goods, cheap the matter is thus never. In addition, we should have patience and perseverance, because it can pass an entire era in every sense of the word, before we keep all nine items of the construction plan in his hands.

  • Tip: How you come to the blueprints
Perintuitive entryComplex and multifacetedThe idea with the luxury goods is great!Numerous opportunities for interactionsuitable for several types of playersVeeeery long development through each eraGrottige graphics in combat modeMassive advantages through premium use

4.5 / 5 stars

Conclusion: Rome was not built in a day also

Forge of Empires is a surprisingly complex, yet catchy game. Rarely have we seen such a successful entry in such a complex matter. Many elements such as the development tree or increase production through higher satisfaction are proven and function properly. Some parts are even innovative. It's not just about conquering, but who wants to can fully indulge the warrior existence. Trade and interaction with others are important, but no more necessary. War tactician, business magnates, world wonders Bauer or just urban planners - InnoGames has managed to bring out a browser game, with many types of players a long time to be happy.What the next point, we are the same: Everything takes forever long. Too long. Of course, we always want to develop ourselves and not seen everything in a week, have experienced every battle. In Forge of Empires's InnoGames exaggerates but. The latest in the Iron Age is clear that even small advances take time. To unlock more modern technologies are always new luxury goods are needed, we usually have to get first time consuming. At virtually every point we can indeed help out with diamonds, without premium application degenerates progress and construction of the legendary building but an ordeal from. And: Would not as visually disappointing the combat system would Forge of Empires graphically play at the top. Too bad.