Forge of Empires: Update integrated boost overview, …

This week, an update to Forge of Empires, which includes a new overview of your boosts appears. Also reports developer InnoGames that "oceanic future" is in progress.

The Hamburg developer and operator of free-to-play online games InnoGames (Grepolis, Elvenar) this week released a new update for the building strategy game Forge of Empires. Unlike the update last week, the update brings this time only minor improvements, but they are quite useful.

As the team announced in the forum of the game, a new review of boosts associated with the patch to version 1.95 their way into Forge of Empires. Because over the years more and more boosters have been integrated, it gradually falls hard to keep a close eye on what are they available and enabled. The new boosts menu is designed to remedy. Here you can see at a glance which of your amplifier for resource production and military are being activated and can use their what further booster. With the update the overview disappears over your goods from the town hall, but you may be able to call, of course, continue - which then works over the inventory.

The new booster overview.

There are a few other small changes in Forge of Empires, for example in the guild expeditions. The new decorations "Ancient face" and "Gate of the Sun God" were apparently too powerful, their values ​​InnoGames has therefore now somewhat screwed down. Promethium can occur in the updated version of the game only in stage 4 of the guild expeditions, the third no longer in step addition, there are a few bug fixes.

The developers teasers beyond even the next epoch for Forge of Empires to: the Oceanic future is in the works, as well as some changes to the successes.The latest update goes live on Wednesday, 22 February.

Source: Official Website