Forge of Empires: summer event with prices from 1001 Nights

Next week begins in Forge of Empires this year's summer event. Desert flair and casino atmosphere offer this time frame long for three weeks collecting reward. Just as it did in 2014 playing checkers Greva Darn Lady Luck when you turn the wheel to dust prices as new buildings for your cities and unique avatars.

What's gone is gone.

The Wheel of Fortune is the focal point of the current action. What you get, decide more or less random. And you play together with your neighbors: If up to four people have won a prize, he's gone for all. And if you renewed the wheel, which also applies to all other your community. You can find some older buildings from earlier events of the online game, but the main attraction is the oriental-inspired summer creations. An example would be because the caravanserai, which provides you additional quality in the city. Or the bazaar, which can produce even her Forge points. Maybe you caught the mysterious Sphinx, who knows.

Some of the possible gains

If you want to turn more often, you should devote yourselves Grevas task quests. Particularly diligent can count on a few bonus tasks for an extra ticket. Of course there is also the possibility of additional tickets with diamonds to buy.

The summer event in Forge of Empires will start on 17 June and is expected to run until July 8. Access get her on the appropriate button in the corner of the screen. The event is scheduled for both the browser version as well as for all apps.

Source: Innogames / English forum of the game