Forge of Empires: Easter 2014 Observatory and Champion

Centuries of Easter eggs collection? No problem! In Forge of Empires, the annual pastime has been knighted for big event during the spring days. That in the strategy game but is about more than just colorful things, shows you this summary of FoE's Easter celebrations.But first, back to the eggs. These are just like last year, the event resource in Forge of Empires. 25 Easter eggs's as a present to start. Do you want more of it, you've got to go in search for it. For apart from the Easter quests you get the brightly painted goods only if their plunder the nests, the other players have hidden in your realm. Reforests from your decorations, and you will find it quickly determined. Of course, it is also worthwhile even look past the Easter bunny in others.If it is possible you enough to hoard the precious event goods, you can some great building for your kingdom arise, such as the legendary building observatory. The remarkable thing is: The observatory is not tied to a particular age. If you for it is too cumbersome to Sammelei the blueprints to upload your eggs but just as good for the heroes home and the new champion unit save. This colleague has the amazing ability to boost remaining units after his death. Or big clean-up? With the Renovierungskit also an old building can be reduced to date. Just because! Alternatively, there are also buildings from past events such as the beacon, the wishing well or the woodcutter's hut to choose from in exchange shop.

The event runs from 9 April to two and a half weeks until Sunday, April 27, 2014. Then disappear Easter eggs and swap shop out of the game. You should have the event resource until then so exchanged.Source: Forum of the game