Clash of Clans: Clan find and participate in clan war

Just days ago, the new version of Clash of Clans has been published, with the clan wars have come into play. Now every clan leader and his deputy can sign their own players alliance called the Clan War (in the English version "Clan War"). Once a suitable opponent was found, you should prepare yourselves so slow on the first and second phase of the battle. What you have while observing her closely and should do, learn it in our overview:

  • The most important information to the clan war

find communities

But all newcomers among you and all those that joined in itself a clan, for the time being must find the right player Alliance for themselves. And this is how it works:Once you have rebuilt your village in the Clan Castle, you click on the castle and then on "communities". At this point you will find an overview of all clans that are still looking for members. Maximum is 50 players close together in such an alliance. What is a pre-existing communities particularly important, you see one in each detail. Clans that are already complete, you can of course you no longer connect. Alternatively, it is possible to establish even an alliance, if it has the requisite change.Any player who has a clan can hold in Global Chat lookout for new members. The more good and active player come together, the greater is the chance to win the clan war.

  • These are the advantages of a clan with it!

Clan members wanted!

Have you already set up a clan and is currently seeking diligently for new members, you can leave the name of the alliances as a comment below this article. Players who want to join your clan then click again on the Clan Castle, finally "Search communities" and type in the appropriate name. And you can start it with troops and donations Clan wars!

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