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This week, publisher Supercell announced Clan Wars for free mobile game Clash of Clans. We put together for you the most important facts about the new featured feature so you are prepared in time for the first Clan War and draws with a win. When the update is available for download, has not yet been announced.First thing in: The battles take place (war zone) in a so-called War Zone. There you set up an extra base, which applies only to the clan wars. So your personal village can not be attacked by the opposing clan during a war.

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Clan War - What is it then?

In Clash of Clans you have in a clan far only only the possibility of mutually back you troops to support and herzuschicken or chat in the chat. But soon one of the cohesion of your clan members even more, because the clan-vs-clan mode you can only win if it works well. But your alliance to decide whether you want to participate in the battle or not. The function is therefore purely optional. Of Clan war, which consists of two phases, incidentally, two clans compete against each other. Each phase lasts one day.

  • Day 1: Hot preparatory phase!
  • Day 2: Here is fought and fought ... and looted!

The beginning …

Only the clan leader and his deputy have the option to send your alliance in the fight. For this, you must have at least ten members in your clan. choose the chiefs of the war, the search for a suitable enemy clan. However, the few minutes to complete - do not despair, sooner or later they found a suitable opponent, whose members have over approximately equally strong troops, spells and heroes. Players who join after the start of the search of an opponent to the respective communities, can only "participate" as a silent observer.

In the war zone

On the separate map it is important for you to build town halls, which counted as a war base and are sorted on the map of strength after. In your base you also finds a Clan Castle, which you can populate it with troops. Warning: These communities castle has nothing to do with the appropriate building in your village, so you have this equipped additionally with units to defend your base. But do not worry: all eliminated in an attack troops are automatically increased.

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On the first day of a clan war, it applies to you, then prepare your base, as you have considered it right. In addition, it is worthwhile to take a view on the enemy territory to even personalize your tactics. On the first day but no attacks are possible!

So we go until the second day. The opposing clan can you attack twice - but the attacks must be directed to different targets. Predominantly picks only the enemy targets, which can defeat her, because here everything goes according to the star principle. The more stars pocketed her during the attack, the better. A star get her for destroying the town hall, another when you have flattened 50 percent of buildings and the third, when everything is gone. Here again recommended it, concoct together with other members of your alliance an offensive strategy. Is an attack wrong, neither stars move still prey on your account. All the troops that you applied for this is coming from your personal development.The clan that goes with most stars home wins. All players participating in the Battle of the winning clan get tons of loot and beyond one victory point for the communities. The losers, however, go with much less booty home. A draw two alliances prey will be deducted, but not as much as in case of defeat.Source: Official Website

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