Clash of Clans: For jewel box

How often turns up the precious box with the premium currency? How much is it? And above all, there's a chance to dust off more of it? To these questions you will find an answer in these lines.

Jewel box in Clash of Clans

Again and again you can get a free in Clash of Clans her jewels. Are you, for example, among the best players or in one of the best clans, beckons you a whole chunk of free clunkers. Humble you go to in your base: The open spaces of the area of ​​trees, rocks and fungal growth regularly fall to a few gems that move in no time on your account. The jackpot variant which represents the jewel box represents. Bright beautifully with rainbow animation is it the crowning of the field work. Because she is one of the randomly appearing sprawl features to retrieve you after a long absence with rhinestones. A difference to rough and there's still: The jewel box in the multiplayer game appears only once, no matter how long you do not see in the game let. So if you want to find more cases, you should do that, which definitely need to do it for more green at the base. From time to not play. Maybe go for ice cream often times or visit your grandmother - at least not three times a day in Clash of Clans weeding. This does not automatically find it more jewels in this manner, but should be clear.

In the square jewel chest you will always find 25 green stones, no more, no less. There are no big or small treasure chests, and the duration of your Clash-of-Clans abstinence does not affect the contents of the jewel box. The salvage operation employs one worker for 30 seconds. He also wants to see 1000 units elixir for it.

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One more thing: Even if the game mechanics behind the jewel box like the sprawl works, the box still appears regardless. Whether it many or no the have trees / stones in your piece point, the jewel box appears. You gotta just wait. Maximum you can by the way up to 40 pieces of this lumber pile, but only at the margins. Stonehenge or a grove is so but always there.

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