Naruto Online: Tips for tools – So you come to the …

A ninja can also only be practiced in martial arts and still have such strong techniques in stock - without the right equipment, he sees, at least in the fight against stronger opponents, quickly old from. Apart from this: What would be an MMORPG without the motivating hunting for better and better items? The also know the developers of Naruto online, so there's plenty of equipment in the free, online role-playing game for your browser. Which are divided into two main categories: on the one hand, we have since the ordinary items of which you do from the very beginning use.

The other category are the so-called ninja tools. However, the are you not already directly at the beginning of your career Ninja available. The tool system of Naruto Online will be shown only at level 30th but that also has a good reason, because this type of objects is very powerful and increases your momentum and all ninjas in your squad enormous. Of course, there are quality grades as well.

At level 30 you are in Naruto Online will be able to create a ninja tool. The other slots are unlocked in the ten-step cycle, so at level 40, 50, 60, 70 and finally at level 80. The only question is: Where do you get the items? The answer is the group missions. These are jobs that you as the name suggests, completed in a group. Here, you automatically other players will be drawn, alternatively you play it with friends. The latter is recommended in any case, since you then get a bonus.

Thanks to the ninja tools your heroes become even stronger in the fighting.

her dust a ninja tool in the group missions up to three times a day. Have you successfully completed an order, five items are selected at random, mixed in the form of cards and then you decide for one of the hidden sheets. Is the item recovered better than a tool that you have already created, you should replace the latter course. If the player has earned objects, however, be lower than those already equipped properties, which is also useful.

The ninja tools in Naruto online can be improved namely. Simply click on the arrow on the item of your choice and then pulls the weaker specimens in the fields in the opening menu. In this way, "sacrifice" their objects just obtained to optimize your current equipment and to ascend to the stage - very handy!

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