Supremacy 1914: Coalition Wins Now Open

From now on it is possible to win as a coalition games in the free strategy game Supremacy 1914th

Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

Update # 3 dated 11/08/2017: Actually, would the coalition victories are to be introduced in October in Supremacy 1914th Now it has yet lasted a little longer, but since the recent update it is finally possible, not only individually, but also to achieve together with the allied players the victory in a match. If your coalition has reached 75 percent of victory points a card, wins her. Individual players can still a game for themselves decide by grab 50 percent of the victory points. Do you want to win with your coalition, you have so be careful that you do not alone achieve the 50 percent.

Furthermore, the top three players will receive the bronze, silver and gold medal in a match. It does not matter whether they belong to a coalition or not and whether won or not. However, you are part of a winning alliance, you will receive the Coalition Victory Cross, a new kind of medal. The same is also available for loners. Furthermore, the new update a few minor changes in the luggage. In the case of games that have exceeded the maximum time of accession, there will be about no AI messages more that will make advertising that we should still invite new players.

Supremacy 1914 - Coalitions

Coalitions may only have limited members in the future.

Update # 2 from 12/10/2017: After just two weeks Bytro Labs further changes to the coalitions in Supremacy 1914 has carried out via an update. From now you can, if you created a game, specify that coalitions are not possible. So who is looking for a game that should always look at the match-information whether alliances are possible or not. This is indicated in the form of a respective icon. In addition, the latest update has yet to offer a few other improvements, for example, can now be all lists in "coalitions"sort window by column.

Updated on 27/09/2017: How Bytro Labs has announced the first changes to the coalitions in Supremacy 1914 have been already implemented with an update. It is the introduction of limitations on the maximum number of members in such an alliance. In addition, the developers have improved the layout of the membership and application list by new icons added and buttons have been reduced. Furthermore, have been fixed a few bugs and members of the High Command now have the ability to create five games per month. 

Original release dated 09/25/2017: In the free strategy game Supremacy 1914 you can not only fight alone against all other players. There is also the opportunity to ally yourself with other people, so enter into coalitions. This mechanism will experience some changes in the near future, as the German developer Bytro Labs has announced the official forum. 

The first adjustments will already be part of tomorrow's update for us 1914th From then on, there will be limits for members coalitions. These limits are determined by the card size. So you play on a map for a maximum of 21 players, coalitions from just two people to consist. For batches of up to 31 players, the limit increases to three members. With a maximum of 50 players is 4, 100-player maps 5, at 250 players and 6 on the largest cards on which up to 500 players can fight each other, the maximum number per alliance is 7 members. Should you now in a match to be part of a coalition that exceeds the corresponding limit, which is only once not a problem. In such a case, but no new members can so long to come across as your coalition does not fall under the limit.

Next month, more changes will follow. From October coalitions in Supremacy 1914 can enter together victories. This happens when all members of an alliance together have won 90 percent of the possible victory points a game. From this update to coalitions that have more players than allowed, forcibly reduce need. 

In the distribution of medals and Goldmark rewards at the end of a game in Supremacy 1914 is not at all times change so much by the new mechanics. The top three players will notwithstanding that a coalition will bring victory, receive their awards, while the winning alliance gets its own medals. Whose members all get the same amount of gold marks.

Finally, it will be possible in the future Supremacy 1914 to play rounds in which coalitions are not possible. Fits to a search option will be introduced so that you can find the corresponding parts also.

Source: Bytro Labs