Black Prophecy

Embark on a journey through the dark space! As a fighter pilot you face various mysterious and dangerous missions that you overcome alone or with comrades ...

The vastness of the universe of Black Prophecy are mysterious and dark. You choose your favorite your fate by you join the Genides or Tyi and opt for a page.

The Tyi and Genides are the superman species in Black Prophecy. The strong desire for independence made the Tyi once the dominant race. You have the possibility to connect up the various powerful colonies. Superhuman powers, additional organs and knowledge of all languages ​​of the world make up the Tyi.

The Genides however, were bred to the great aesthetic and species. In this bald breed hair growth is already considered obsolete. Telepathic communication and rapid wound healing in addition to the permanent wakefulness positive features of Genides. By constant attacks from the Tyi the Genides militarily aligned.

As a member of this species in Black Prophecy ask you feel military missions, either alone or compete with your allies. Exciting battles in space provide the necessary variety. While you injected in free play alone through space, you control in combat situations a spaceship with other players.

Imagine individually your spaceship. Diverse variants of space gliders and their transformation to ensure that no spaceship resembles another. Even your character you design at will. By looking weiterkämpfst up level by level, you get more powerful weapons and other skills.

The deep black Prophecy story makes for varied gameplay. Even if the universe of client Games is limited, there are numerous locations to explore available.