Wolf team

In Wolf Team you decide for yourself when you act as a human or as a werewolf. Fight your way from the weak recruits high up to the top General.

Exciting action on free-to-play shooter

In the role of a werewolf or a person you claim yourself in the dangerous world of rapid online shooter Wolf Team. Here, you do not choose a side you. You can at any time between your role as a werewolf or human toggle.

What you love more?

As a werewolf you're faster and stronger than your human opponents. You erklimmst walls, will cause particularly high melee damage and verfügst more life. Furthermore you switch you free as advanced werewolf extra skills. However, you can in the form of a werewolf engage in any long-range attacks and are vulnerable to unprotected areas. Agierst you as a person, so you have many weapons at your disposal, you can also use a remote attack. With some weapons you numb werewolves, which then lose speed. The arsenal leaves nothing to be desired. Four different types of weapons available to you at a human Wolf team for optional. Here you choose from the following classes:

  • assault weapons
  • guns
  • grenades
  • Weapons with high range

With your actions you collect in the first-person shooter Wolf Team experience points with which you unlock you improvements.

Exciting game modes await you in this action packed online game. Therefore, is to kill as many opponents example, when Deathmatch. In the destruction mode of Wolf Team two teams fighting each other. Here placed one team a bomb on a certain place, then the opposing team tries to defuse this bomb. In Ice Hold Mode you destroy all the enemy team members within a certain lap time. Opposing stationary bases you take one in Conquest.

in the First-person shooter Wolf Team you battle from recruits up to the highest general of the army high.