The well known and popular board game you can play at once, whenever you want and wherever you're currently browsing. At least then, if you install the mobile game on your smartphone or tablet

You've already spent hours with friends or family in the living room and gotten out about the overpriced Schlossallee? In the meantime, you are moved sometimes to jail? Then you now have the opportunity, just to experience again. In the mobile version of Monopoly you expect namely exactly the principle that you already know from the popular board game. Decide on a character and play dice your way to the most profitable places of the playing field, so that you can make plenty of coal soon. Whether through train stations or hotels with overpriced rents - as the owner of this property you have hit the jackpot and erleichterst your teammates to a lot of dough. Only when you bring other players into bankruptcy, you have won and beanspruchst anything for you.

Especially with the Park Street and Castle Avenue du scheffelst million, but equally, it is worth it to buy other areas and to cultivate the streets, because the flock is the mother of crap. once you get into trouble, so only thing that is sometimes unsatisfactory, as cherished roads or houses for sale, not to be insolvent. And when we have reached already with the bad news: It's quite possible that you end up in prison. That you owe, for example, the field of action "go to jail" or some in the middle of the field-placed cards. As a wealthy estate administrators, you're buying fast-free. Is your cash register is empty, so you stay initially behind bars. In monopoly Although there's a lot of rules, but overly complicated they are not. Have you even dealt with it, is your profitable empire no more obstacles.

The Mobile game Monopoly is chargeable and both iOS- and Android-Devices and available for Windows phones in the stores.