Plants vs. Zombies

Aaaah, now it's getting dangerous! have it in for you comical zombies. In Plants vs. Zombies you use plants to defend your territory ...

A bizarre story behind the Mobile Game Plants vs. Zombies, which is also under the name plants against zombies is known. Actually, you're a lucky homeowner. Actually. Because for a short time you undead make life difficult. Every single Zombie has special abilities that your defenses are destroyed. And your defenses are no high walls or catapults, no ... in this mobile game you attack back to plants.

Snorkel zombies in the front yard pond

Yes, you read correctly, plants. Nearly 50 different plants stand in your game available. With peashooters, wall nuts, cherry bombs and other fun weapons you manage to defend your territory. That is, if infected, a sophisticated strategy behind your actions. Plants vs. Zombies is in fact a turn-based tower defense game. Against the countless gruesome creatures you fight not only by day but also at night or even on the roof and in the pool. so that would be already provided for guests. The same applies to the undead: Whether Stabhochspringer-, bucket or snorkel zombie - each of them has it all!

Plants vs. Zombies on all devices

During your adventure you think in addition to coins out with whom you buy the worm Stinki or power-ups. In Adventure mode, waiting for you 50 fun level in the fee-based game Plants vs. Zombies. but in addition you also have the opportunity to put yourself into the arena to ask where your luck at certain levels once again to the test. in the Mobile game For iOS-, Android- and Windows-Device is waiting for you a funny zombie fun. Defend your territory, and disperse the extraordinary scruffy creatures!