Plants vs. Zombies 2

The popular Zombiegemetzel goes into a new round. EA can in Plants vs. Zombies 2 a free tower defense game on your screens go.

This time applies it again to keep on the side of Crazy Dave an area in front of greasy zombies. To defend yourself against the mindless undead, you are new creations plants available. Tactical approach is as important as the strength and special properties of your plants.

Special plants and deceitful brain eaters

Plants? Yes, plants! Your plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2 can shoot, produce light or even explode. Others are just there to be eaten in order to delay the advance of the enemy. The zombies are trying their way to feed freely, to get to your brain. Always new waves of vicious breed storm more or less quickly to your lawn mower. Hold on them so that you can live another day!

The whole is decorated in a lovely comic look. The second version of the zombie plants fun you play exclusively as Mobile version for Android and iOS. Stronger greens like an MG plant or a banana tree waiting for you. But the zombies have learned to do so. The obscurantists got some new sections to it. Thus, there are undead from ancient Egypt or common villains from the Wild West. The reason is simple as it is ingenious: In this game the variety Tower Defense no longer defend you only your front garden or pool. You travel through time and are fighting there as well the horrors. In Zen garden you nurture particularly strong planting work you with patience and perseverance. Compared with the previous Plants vs. Zombies game was also to stories and extended fun mini games. Furthermore, introduced some new levels and maps.

Key elements of Plants vs. Zombies 2:

  • Keep the undead in all dimensions!
  • Travel through time for new plants and boosts
  • Confront Dr. Zomboss and his dangerous creations
  • Zen garden and power boosts

Develop strategies in horticultural warfare! "It's About Time"Is the name of the official subtitle of the sequels and the name says it all. It's time for a battle between plants and zombies - in the past, present and future!