Storm Case: Age of War

Defend your throne of Storm case and form strategic alliances in this fantasy game around ancient magic, dragons and heroic stories.

Hope after long chaos of war

The era of the war rarely leaves something good, but in your own person is exactly the case: You're the one, indeed the only one who can help Storm case is Flourishing again. Your castle is only the starting point of a long journey through a medieval fantasy world. Before your adventure begins as the leader of an empire, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the coming days. You build your kingdom from scratch with farms, mines and markets. Raw materials are the key to a glorious future, so do not be afraid to explain from the beginning the resource production to your main task. Once a regular supply of iron, gold and food is secured, you can make your way to the recruitment of a powerful army. No kingdom holds the turmoil of the era long standing, if it is not defended with sword and shield.

New sources of power

In Storm Case: Age of War Experience engrossing your own story full of adventure and challenges. Through interaction with computer-controlled characters you dive deeper and deeper into the dark world of magic and control the progress of your journey. Miss your strategic skills with other castle owners and plunder the lands of your human opponent. In this way you festigst your claim to power and gain access to new resources source. Together with allies you forge powerful alliances to always be able to control larger areas and to clarify who is the real ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of this medieval online game.

To play Storm case, you need only an account with the gaming operator Plarium (Sparta: War of Empires). Also has its own version of Facebook exists, you can call up in the Game Center social network.