Travian Kingdoms

In Travian Kingdoms you will as king or governor ruler of the Romans, Germans and Gauls.

The free-to-play strategy game Travian Kingdoms is completely revised and expanded version of the well-known game principle of Travian series of developer Travian Games. You build as a member of Romans, Germans and Gauls own village, recruit a powerful army, fechtest battles from other players and conquer lands to increase your kingdom.

Three different peoples to choose

A big attraction of Travian Kingdoms make the three peoples with their playful differences. This simplifies the construction of his empire designed for every player something different.

  • The Roman Although have the disadvantage that their troops are very expensive, but their units are the strongest in the game
  • The Germans can set up a large army in no time and have very attack-minded warriors, but it also vulnerable to enemy attacks
  • The Gaul do not have the attack power of the other two peoples, but this champion on the defensive and have strong riders
Travian Kingdoms - Village

Until you have fully equipped your village in Travian Kingdoms, many fun hours of play will pass away.

In addition to your normal units you also own a hero who is more powerful in the game in Travian Kingdoms. You entsendest him on adventures, using his superior skills as a leader in battles and looking with him valuable artifacts. Equipped items provide additional benefits that impact not only on your villages, but sometimes to the entire Kingdom. Unneeded items you offer for sale for sale to fill your treasury or to invest the profits in the expansion of your settlement or army.

It's all about the kingdoms of Travian Kingdoms

An equally important choice as the nation is whether you want to assume the role of a king or a governor within the online game Travian Kingdoms. you sit on the throne, you will benefit from regular tributes of other players that live in your sphere of influence. Governor, however, enjoy the protection of their king and can develop undisturbed.

Travian Kingdoms - Raw Materials

Without raw materials, a kingdom of course, can not be built.

The king system under construction Travian Kingdoms exists parallel to the alliances and provides an additional level in terms of communication and interaction with other players. Abdankende kings, changing allies and espionage are not uncommon in this mobile and online game. It is also possible, for example, that your villages are in different realms. Travian Kingdoms offers plenty of ways that you can achieve fame, power and wealth. Because that's what ultimately in the game world.