Game of War – Fire Age

Build an independent kingdom in antiquity and Subdue all other peoples of the world in Game of War - Fire Age!

In Game of War - Fire Age you have the chance to build a country from scratch. The mobile game offers you wide range of possibilities in the design of your town as well as the destruction of the villages on the other. If you're on dispute and want to spank other virtual butt, you'll be quickly found in this strategy game.

Build an impressive empire!

First of all, you are encouraged to ensure the basic supply your subjects. Resources such as wood, gold, stone, and food are the cornerstone of a high culture. But knowledge is crucial to remain competitive. For this, you build an academy and develop all technologies there of action and presence or dismantling of raw materials. The military also plays an important role, after all your troops are the hammer to strike the anvil of the kingdom. You put on massive armies to teach your enemies the meaning of fear. You never gerätst behind when you train your army and regularly picks up.

Strategic battles in real time

The battles with other peoples and countries you experience first hand in real time. What would be a number of soldiers without a real leader? In Game of War you do to help your self-created hero your troops even more. You rüstest him with weapons, shields, jewelry and much more. The better the equipment of the warrior and the higher you advance, the more invincible is your army. Your hero can be captured and even killed: But be careful. That would be very bad for the morale of your people and your warriors.

Never alone

One way to increase your chances in battle, are alliances. By matching includes you other kings, you win in strength and assertiveness. Diplomacy is adjacent military strength is the key to power. With the help of the global chat you can discuss and perform war mind games strategies with allies.