Purchasing Manager – The Game

We live in times of recession. Who even wants to bring the ailing economy of his city into shape again, this is now in the browser game The purchasing managers - Doing the game.

Somewhere between economic and city-building simulation game gives you the opportunity to build its own retail chain. First, you are looking for you for a location for your first store. Larger cities in Germany such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne are available. Who wants to expand internationally, but also has the option of changing to Amsterdam, London, or New York City.

Have you decided on a location, you can search on a faded map of free real estate. First, the capital is limited, so you should first satisfy a small shop. What goods do you in Purchasing Manager - The Game selling remains entirely up to you. All over the map there are wholesalers who have all kinds of goods such as food, pharmaceuticals and electrical appliances on offer. Buy cheap goods and sell them to customers your at a good price for a high profit margin. To ensure it works with the customer rush, you engage advertising agencies that neatly into marketers for you. Manage finances and forget not to pay the maintenance cost of real estate in your possession!

An important aspect of the game is the interaction with other entrepreneurs. Each building on the card belongs to another player with their own price expectations. Comparison of selling prices are therefore essential for effective development. Sell ​​your goods to other players, virtual customer or relief organizations. Also combinations with other players are possible in order to increase profits. Self-owned banks may be opened and administered. The game constantly your progress compared pursue with other players - you can have a ranking in the purchasing managers.