My Fantastic Park

Start your own amusement park: From bumper cars, a mirror cabinet up to the ghost train - there's lots of fun guaranteed!

In this motley browser game is all about fun, games and excitement. As Director of a separate theme parks the design of the site is entirely up to you. With as many different attractions you lure of very many visitors who are in your site have a lot of fun. Different challenges await you in your fantastic theme park.

Of course, you start very small. At the beginning you put on a few stalls, but already attract the customer first. But the more attractions can be found in your site, the more visitors find their way to you. In My Fantastic Park are creating you a unique recreational paradise. With creepy haunted houses thrill is guaranteed, with a huge hall of mirrors, however you care for loud laughter at the amusement park.

Your Park area you build gradually on items and place more and more highlights. You start with a can throw shack in the chic Monster look and invest your savings later in a children's carousel, high striker ', puppet shows, adventure playgrounds or a space shuttle. Countless highlights stand in your browser game My Fantastic Park for your area are available.

Soon you your verwandelst beginning rather boring Park into a real crowd puller, which nobody wants to miss. From the technique on material for your roller coasters to innovative ideas - in My Fantastic Park everything is your responsibility. Of course, you need certain resources for each attraction to build them at all. Therefore, you hold in My Fantastic Park always look out for the valuable resource units even bring visitors from us for free.