village life

On the farm there is much to do. planting, fertilize and harvest fields are your first steps in village life.

Village life is a classic farm game in colorful look. Take on your rubber boots, put on your nifty Farmerhut and do something out of your land! You're the farmer and no one else.

Make sure you're doing especially adept at, you looking forward to soon have a thriving farm, from the other players only dream of.

From the field to the store shelf - even with a stop

Work with your harvest further and sell your products profitably, so to further expand your farm in this colorful free-to-play game farm. The options on the farm are manifold. First you start with clover, which is particularly popular with bees. Soon are you looking forward through the first delicious honey. In addition, the greens used at the same time as food for your hungry cows, which then give strong milk that can resell at a profit. But in addition you have also the possibility to further process the milk to the delicious cheese, which eventually brings you more profit. Harvested wheat lands in the mill and flour and is made from grapes of wine. In the browser game village life you'll find many crop products which can be processed in different buildings. A variety of plants, buildings and decorative items is you in this Farm Simulation to disposal.

A simple Farm turns into an eye candy

Over time, your farm grows into a magnificent estate. Put ways to - lined with plenty of statues, trees, shrubs and lanterns. In greenhouses the vegetable thrives! Tractors point or golden carriages to spread rural flair. Place to different waters and put on impressive gardens. If you like, also a ship with Bishop can provide to the village life meadow to beautify.

Of course, you are free to invite friends who visit admiring your yard. The game village life offers you various community features that promote common interaction between players.