Train station

Enjoy the luxurious life of a wealthy railroad magnate. In Train Station you climb a big to do business on the track.

From the first steam locomotives to diesel and electric locomotives to modern trains of modern times - in mobile and online game Train Station railway fans will get their costs.

Fun for young and old

The fascination of snorting iron horses can be found equally among young and old. In the railway Game Train Station you can indulge this passion to their hearts content. Whether as a silent admirer or dedicated collectors of model trains plays no major role. But construction strategists Non penchant for rail essence of economic and transport simulation are disenchanted something.

Once around the world

In Train Station you build its own railway station, the weiterentwickelst you piece by piece and ausbaust. Through contracts with other business owners and trade you erwirtschaftest you the necessary funds to get started as a railroad owner. Your features are you sending to the whole world, past windmills, mountains with snowy peaks or the urban canyons of skyscrapers. Steel in San Francisco, gasoline to Rio de Janeiro or London, you decide alone where and how you make profit.

Diesel or maglev?

In Train Station there are four different types of trains: steam engines, diesel-powered locomotives, electric vehicles and the magnetic levitation. Depending on which type you employ, you different bonuses, such as additional experience or profit margins, use. Gold you earn primarily by transporting passengers and mail. With the shipment of goods and products you fulfill contracts and can advance your station. You are also special wagons are available with which you can rake in a lot of experience points.

What makes this Zugspiel is the variety of authentic trains. Local and international models from every era of railway history can be found on your way to the top of the rankings. Features such as:

  • VR Class L Triple
  • Acela CP
  • BR Class 50
  • SNCB Class 77

In Trainstaition a suitable locomotive for everyone. The game start off you either directly in the browser on your PC or you get yourself the tablet app for iPads and Android devices in each store.