Truck nation

With 400 hp under the butt you draw from the highways of Truck Nation. As the head of your transport companies lorries your business.

Even the semi-trailer chief

Kilometer-long jams and constant police checks are now available to your everyday life. If you're in Browser Game Truck Nation to decide its own forwarding from scratch to build, including such areas unpleasant to your daily business. Before you can rest as head of forwarding on their laurels, there is still a lot to do. Finally, the store does not run by itself. Again and again you think this back to ancient times, when you yourself have made the highways unsafe as truck drivers and pushed countless overtime. Now, however, you give your best and try as head turn a small company into a solid company. While you're able to draw some profitable transport orders to land and to make some of your friends as a driver, but it is inevitable that you take space even behind the wheel of an articulated lorry. But even on the road applies: survived Only the strongest! Over time, the transport requests are ever more complex, and consistent customer crazy. But what you do not do everything for the love of money. As long as you do not end up like the exploiters-Trucker group called "The Corporation".

A truck drivers for every situation

To get the business rolling, you need therefore sooner or later other drivers. How convenient that there are so few candidates in the strategy game that would like to work for you. In most cases, you'll find a number of candidates in the labor market and, of course, convinced each of them with their own strengths. But where are strengths as well as weaknesses are. While one driver has not much stamina, shrinks from risky jobs and still requires a lot of money the next truck drivers require less understood for not a lot of foresight and loyalty. For which candidate or which candidate you decide is up to you alone. The main thing is that your employees do the transfer orders to the best of its knowledge and belief, jet quickly through real cities - such as Cologne - and not more costly than necessary. All the action in Truck Nation expires turn-based. In a 12 week long round you try to consume a large part of the map for you and to make life difficult for your opponents.