Rail nation

As a railway fan you dedicate yourself in this game beautiful features and control a rail network, which has no equal.

From the industrial revolution through to advanced, modern world: In the free economic simulation Rail nation are you trains from six different eras available. This may, for example diesel, electric or steam engines that, you upgrade constantly. You erbaust routes and plan the local and long distance in order to satisfy business customers and passengers alike. What are you waiting for? A trailer perhaps? May I help you!

Playing Rail Nation online and travel through the railroad history

Your moves you're trying to maximize profitability to use for your transport companies, build to the rail network and will explore new technologies. The profits that you einfährst, it will depend on the goods transported. Since Rail Nation online is played MMO, you will come relatively quickly on your teammates that are with their companies either competitors or come together with you in a railway company. So you can work together for the success and compete with other companies.

Rail nation

Also, steam engines circulating in Rail Nation.

You invest your research points clever, you will improve in the course of your career your moves - so they are faster and can carry significantly more cargo beyond. Here are exemplified some locomotives that you can use in the six different periods of the browser and mobile games Rail Nation:

  • 1. Era: Schwalbe, donkeys, Falcon
  • 2. Era: panther, lynx, elephant
  • 3. Era: Hercules, Morpheus, Osiris
  • 4. Era: Apollo, Ares, Poseidon
  • 5. Era: Unicorn, Medusa, Satyr
  • 6. Era: Oger, Olympus, Hydra
Rail nation

You're new areas and are building stations.

In addition, special Bonusloks as Red Kite, Isis, Valkyre or titanium occur. What goods you order transportierst from A to B, you decide all alone. Among other things, are coal, wood, hardware, machinery and electronic products to choose from. Is this to be particularly sought-after commodity, you will be rewarded with plenty of money.

Rail nation

The further development keep always in view!

Full steam ahead!

The browser and mobile game has a dynamic landscape map. You start by in a city of your choice and worry that your rail network is gradually connected to other areas with many processing plants. If you the only successful, the transport of goods is cranked so right.

one of your tasks, draw up practical timetables and plan routes clever - after all speed and safety in trade in goods are capitalized. Competing against other players regular challenges stand in the simulation on the program. Your station area itself also you develop steadily, and you zurückgreifst to a total of eleven buildings.

Rail nation

By train's going from place to place.

In addition to a fictional game area there are also the US scenario and by the update "Steam over Europe" a Europe scenario - both played on realistic maps. The two content updates were replenished for free in Rail Nation: In the European scenario ten regions fighting for dominance in railway operation - 50 authentic cities with its sights can be visited. Urban growth stands in direct correlation to the success of the players - who are also elected as mayors and presidents and coordinate as a politician joint projects.

Rail nation

In America, you put your continental routes for freight trains.

The scenario in the US is on a map of the United States instead, offers typical American locomotives and focuses on the competition between companies in the East and the West Coast. Both scenarios extend the rail-nation games for both beginners and veterans to entirely new challenges.

Rail Nation online play together with friends

In order not to be alone in rail traffic, you can start with friends a society. Active help in building your empire is so you almost certainly already. Burst thy bed, for example, almost before coal, can you share with your fellow commodity simple. Moreover, with your allies you manage to have strong competition behind you.

Rail nation

What goods that customers demand?

Your skills will you at many competitions the test. Here you compete against other entrepreneurs in your city and try not only money but also prestige reap. In the exciting final, you finally have a chance to win the overall Zugspiel Rail Nation.