Face of Mankind

In this futuristic world it is up to you whether you simply hinleben before you or want to take your destiny into your own hands. On several planets up the challenge to help determine the lives of other players expected.

As in other MMORPG your journey in the online game Face of Mankind with the character creation begins. In addition to the external design your character like thee are eight different factions to choose from. Think about good, joins which group you feel, because your decision will have far-reaching consequences not only for your own adventure in this game. Depending on who you give your loyalty, also your story that you experience in Face of Mankind changes. Each faction fulfills a different role in this universe and has its own particular advantages that you can only use if you are a member of this association.

Choose whether you want to play from the first-person perspective or a view from the third person. Patrouilliere to unknown worlds, defend your comrades from the encroachments enemy players or collect resources. Like in a shooter, you can prove yourself in several missions. By early interactions with characters you will learn some hints and tips to find your way in the universe of Face of Mankind. And orientation is important because it is up to you where you are going in this RPG. Large parts of the story are completely optional, so you can easily move around and enjoy your own adventure well off the main story.

Once you have played yourself into a position in which you specify the tone within your faction, you can decide the political and military objectives of your group. Make peace with other groups conquer whole planets or unleash new trouble spots. The choices you make, it is possible for you to define the missions of other players and their history Face of Mankind active role.