Lucent Heart

Struggles with the blessing of the zodiac. As a courageous hero in a world full of exciting adventures await you not only monsters and hostilities, but also soul mates and perhaps the love of your life.

ride on the back of a lion in battle, anyone can. to be able to score points as a classic role-playing character with sophisticated skills is also nothing special. But unleash in conjunction with your zodiac sign unexpected powers, not everyone succeeds. In this Anime MMORPG you can be the one who does this miracle. Depending typing in the game which day your birth you decide whether you draw a bull, Aquarius or Libra through the world of Lucent Heart. Each constellation has special properties that can give strength to you depending on your character class. Tasting anyone? As Aries you are aggressive and feel right in the thick of battle really well. Twins can teleport and players with the zodiac sign Capricorn are ideally suited to the Holy Temple. Choose as your horoscope and is ready to hold some positive surprises for you. Do not worry! If you are not satisfied with a choice, you are free, even to turn something on your astrological fate by later quests.

Another special feature of Lucent Heart is the little Cupid with his bow love. This winged midget is to track down your soul mate among all other players and lead to you. It is worthwhile in this MMORPG keep my eyes open for partners, because in communion with one of your soul mate, you benefit from numerous bonuses. Extra experience is just the beginning! A kiss here, a hug there, off you stronger in the next battle, for example, in his own dungeon for soul mates. Together overcome their other tasks and at some point, who knows, maybe even sound the wedding bells.

Draw out into the world and experience the adventure that have provided for you the stars! Or teach you calmly and cozy home from your ideas one. The breeding of domestic animals, a profession system, day and night mode and many other features are also part of the free-to-play MMORPG Lucent Heart.