fighting Germany – Federal struggle

Fight for your state and conquer you beer and fame. to prove the opportunity you in a very different Germany ...

Fischköppe against white sausage jugglers! fighting Germany - Federal struggle is a free browser game, simply supposed to be fun only. Accordingly, you are doing well not to take everything seriously that you encounter here and there in the game. You choose at the beginning of a fraction, that is a federal state and carry on improving over time your character ever. Very important that you find many followers who can defend yourself in case of a fight. In return, you are also required to support your teammates. Only in this way you will make your cut in the rivalry between the states of fame and beer. When fighting in the browser's Germany, you should therefore not stand by stand by, because only together we will be able to carry their own home region to the top. What is in play, of course, entirely your choice is left. Will walk you and for Bavaria, Schwaben or North Sea? Maybe you raving for Thuringian landscapes or want to prove himself as the Saarland, which is in you.

In federal fight, you also have the opportunity to join a club or start a club even himself. Otherwise many tasks and quests are waiting for you, in which you can win garden gnomes or beer mugs. If you have collected a lot of D-Mark, you're able to create you special things such as a car. With each successfully completed task you also earn points which increase your level.

The game is fun, flashy and colorful, with many funny details. If you are looking for an opportunity to stand fully to your home state, then you have to fight in Germany found. But always remember: Only together brings her Berlin, the Rhineland or Western Pomerania all the way to the top of the rankings.