The Renaissance Kingdoms

Whether knights, priests, merchants, nobleman or Raiders - for every taste the right vocation is. With a lot of hard work and ambition you might become the richest and most powerful man in the world ...

You find yourself in 1450 in a county of the Holy Roman Empire. You have to integrate and make your reputation you in this medieval village, or you'll never get on a green branch.

A work you should exercise in order to make money and be able to secure your survival with it. In the county, you can recruit or work in the mines up in the barracks. It is not possible to perform any job. For some professions you need special conditions, tools or a certain level. The vacancies in the City Hall are only usually get when you're in the morning 5-13 clock online.

Depending on how much money you earn, you can build you your own estate. Also a position as mayor, bishop or count is not excluded.

With a lot of persistence and ambition you can in browser game The Renaissance Kingdoms achieve everything and become the most powerful man in the country. But even if you're not interested in the materialistic exercise of power, you still have the chance to realize yourself in this game.

Wander through the various villages, besichtige the inns and learn the residents of the villages know. The Renaissance Kingdoms is an oriented to reality simulation of life in the Middle Ages. The Renaissance Kingdoms gives a good impression from the Middle Ages and gives you the feeling of being a part of that time.