Draco game

Exciting battles await you and your dragons in this RPG. You always fight for glory and gold.

In the medieval fantasy world of browser Games Draco Game it's too dangerous. You play the role of a brave Dragon Warrior and embark on an exciting adventure.

Gradually you complete different quests and go your way up to the dreaded dragons champions. Of course, you can only score with special properties. Strength, agility and endurance you improve during the game, but also kite power and damage are some of the important features medieval role-playing game Draco game. You further develop the Dragon forces continually, so that you can withstand the strongest opponents. With your fire-breathing creatures you overcome even the most dangerous adventures.

On your journey you explore many fantastic places where you expect new adventures. In the arena, you build a militant skill against other players of Draco Game to the test. Here, you always should keep your gold in mind, because everyone has it in for your belongings. When sorcerer you also get yourself potions, which allow you to continue your strongest skills. In time, you will unlock new opportunities in the game.

In the medieval world of myths and legends you meet many extraordinary creatures. In Draco game you will encounter bandits and scoundrels who are not peaceful. However, with your own personal fire-breathing companion you come at these villains over.