Royal Story

Write history by carrying on your kingdom to unexpected bloom. Cute animals and some action await you in Royal story.

In Royal Story you slip you in the role of a newly minted royal child. As a prince or princess do you care that your castle is on everyone's lips. A dreamy fairytale story in the form of a thick book is waiting for you. But before the individual pages of your Tome tales of your experiences to report, you must of course first of all have experienced. And everything is hard, even for Königsblütler! Animals like the phoenix must be provided and fields with mixed seed be ordered. In addition, you make yourself work to establish the first building as the Magic kitchen or the Red workshop. The necessary space for it you can do by you free the area around your mansion of boulders and trees. This is even quite practical, because then you get yourself also equally important raw materials such as fibers, stone or wood.

produce crops, and sell

As you realize your life in Royal Story does not look so regal. Rather could hot Facebook and browser game also Farmer story. But no fear. The blue-blooded fingers do not you do you anyway dirty, because in this free game all goes as if by magic. Clicking the trailer machine and you are made precious jewels of emeralds, which you can in turn use or sell for other things.

Royal Story

With decorative objects you beautify the royal court.

Actually, many based at Royal Story forward to get the right ingredients and bring production chains going. To your neighbor Solomon can buy a drink Frederiks example, you need this at first conjure up from the ingredients cheddar cheese and coffee beans. Coffee beans you get through the harvest on the field, after you've pulled them from seed. but the Cheddar's harder to get: For this you need a cheese machine, the milk is processed into cheese, a cow for milk and clover for the cow, so that they can be milked. Since it is not easy to keep track.

Royal Story

Outside of your castle you build in fruits and vegetables.

Caution, goblins coming!

Once in a while nasty little goblins emerge, called lackeys who want to make life difficult. Then it is to take off the kid gloves royal and not be squeamish. Finally, you want that in your kingdom there is peace. Gradually discover and looking you in the fantasy game more and more adjacent areas, so magnify your reach and learn more about new inhabitants. Until one day you look back and an exciting journey is behind you, that is worth to be told.