My Singing Monsters

Kunterbunte graphics, cute and singing Monster: In My Singing Monsters is waiting for you a musical and monstrous adventure at the same time.

Lilting Monster in the spotlight

Generally Monster enjoy not too good reputation. The species of monsters include teeth snarling, drooling, growling beasts that hold only too happy to juicy prey. Surely you've already made the acquaintance of these nasty creatures in many RPGs. But the creatures in My Singing Monsters are the exact opposite. In this Mobile game do you live together with many cute, furry and unusual creatures in a motley world. Here you feel completely immersed in a peaceful, harmonious monster world.

Peace, joy and pancakes

Singing, dancing and hugging - this could be the key elements of Android and iOS Games My Singing Monsters summarize. In the free mobile game for all popular devices, it is your task to breed many different creatures and to provide the best of our knowledge and belief every day. So much work comes up to you, because only with happy monsters is provided for plenty of fun.

More than 30 monsters genera

You dedicate yourself to more than 30 different types of monsters and versorgst the little beasts with everything they need for life. And all that makes them happy - because that's what counts in the monster game My Singing Monsters. Whether cute creature with white fur and the biggest feet you've ever seen or colorful balls of fur - each monster is to cuddle there.

One thing have the essence but in common: They love to sing! Gradually, more and more monsters are added, as well as islands where you spread out with your loved one and can enjoy life. Together with your Monster Crew you just rock out every unlocked area. Thus Game is already taken care of musical variety in Mobile.