King’s Empire

Founded a new era in an ancient kingdom and tear over power to you ....

Exactly 100 years ago foreign invaders came in the medieval kingdom. They destroyed the country, which then fell into anarchy. In the strategy game King's Empire you are the one who will restore order and the state returns to glory. Your enemies already trembling knees and your subjects waiting to strike.

In the mobile game you take control of a major city and other smaller towns. Your first task is to organize what is there to control and also to build new settlements. For this you need resources such as gems and gold as well as workers who want to be naturally supplied with food.

Once you have ensured the food, you are to occupy other territories in the situation. For that you are twelve different branches of service are available. In this you have to improve it with the help of upgrades possible.You plunder the riches and resources of the other players and thus expand your power. The bigger your empire and your influence, the more attractive you are going to other kings. So it could be that you see yourself at one time himself on the defensive. Build for defenses as Ramparts, towers or trenches. However, your success could also have other consequences.

Because in King's Empire is a decisive factor for victory, the ability to control a sophisticated system of alliances. You join together with other players and develop you into an invincible Group in the kingdom.If your allies, however, are too powerful, cancel them friendship and make them into rivals. The element of surprise is on your side.