Dead trigger

When the dead rise again and zuschwanken on you, you have only two options: run away or shoot. Dead Trigger you shoot.

A world that goes down the drain, frames the zombie scenario Shooter Dead Trigger. Politicians could not save it from collapse a crumbling economy and now money is not worth anything. While the population was living on the edge of starvation, they have stuffed their own pockets in the last days of civilization. Just when the people rise up against this injustice disappear those responsible and suddenly breaks out a strange virus that thousands will cost lives. But suddenly the dead no longer remain in their graves, but get up and want only one thing: eating.

You're one of the few survivors in this apocalypse and trying as long as possible to escape the monsters. 21 different weapons to help you in mobile game, you to slice your way through the swaying bodies. Besides, you can find additional gadgets such as mines or laser Amputator. In the destroyed world you meet again more survivors, the game is to save only once before the cannibals and they bring then to your secure base. You are free to put yourself in the missions in search of the origin of the virus and find out who is behind it. On the other hand, you can explore the world freely and erledigst each shambling monster that comes to you.

Stay in the free shooter always on the move and especially vigilant. Just when you think the zombies in FPS action game to know to anticipate their reactions, they behave differently. For the zombie AI in Dead trigger learning and evolving, so you can never be sure what to do the rotting body next to you.