The West

Conquer the Wild West as a cowboy or Indians and besiedele the rugged steppe. In The West you prove that you can assert yourself.

Cowboys and Indians - they have their own charm. The colonization of the New World was a daring, dangerous undertaking. A tough time for the settlers, but also for the native Indians. In The West you can understand even the colonization of the wide prairie in the Midwest.

Life as a greenhorn

In the course of The West you opt for one of the four character classes. Each has its own advantages. At the beginning you are in any case a greenhorn, a straight Stranded, in the New World is not yet familiar and has to learn much. You can customize your character throughout the game. He specializes in certain skills, in which he particularly excels. For certain tasks, you need to bring certain skills.

The tasks are important because they bring you money and promote yourself in your character building. In the beginning, you're going in this browser game probably only once herding sheep. in the New World, of course, is not all peace, joy and pancakes. It can get to duel with other players. If you have to clarify with another a disagreement, a duel to High Noon is probably the best way to solve them. But be careful: Duels can cost lives and points are not easy to pass. Do not mess with at fittest. At least not too much stronger.

After duels that you have started yourself, you need to relax you. Without rest you will soon end, because life in the new world is tough.

Here life goes!

For your protection and you are economically dependent not only on various works, you can join a city or start one yourself. Here gather more players and organize their lives. In cities, there are banks, hotels and a shop. There you can fill and better equip you your inventory.

The West we have detailed RPG that you can play directly in the browser. It requires no installation and can be tried several worlds. Thousands of players have already enrolled and started her life in the New World. Not all have survived. But you can do it - if you are tough.