Dragon Mania Legends

Draw small dragons big and do prepare yourself for fierce battles. With your legendary monsters you hit the stupid Vikings to flight.

In Dragon Mania Legends you're the master of a dragon island. Your home country once was already famous for the most dangerous of all dragons and so shall it be again now. Build Dragolandia again! On this island is all that is necessary so that you can prove yourself as a breeder powerful aviation. Here, the complete program is available at: You take care of eggs and setups that hatch little dragons from them. The sweet baby dragons are initially anything but frightening, but what is not, can not be so, is not it? Your pangolins differ in appearance and abilities. Over 100 different varieties exist in Dragon Mania Legends! For proud selection of them in the course of the mobile game for your collection.

One goal of Dragon Mania Legends you have reached in no time, namely to befriend the dragon. By feeding and training to the cute pangolins develop in your care to great warriors. Fighters who are able to halt the barbaric Vikings stop. This nasty culprits have something against your way and try with all their power to put an end to your driving. But have as a budding Drachenlord you will have no more fear of the people! Always new habitats created on your country and always find new breeds the way to yourself by crossing existing species.

fought in this dragon game Three-on-three. In addition to clashes with the Vikings ollen you may put to the test your skills in the arena. This is the place to take your dragon against a selection of other players of Dragon Mania Legends. Win in the arena, you can look forward to special rewards.

The Mobile Game Dragon Mania Legends is a Drachenzucht- and dragon fighting game. You can find it as a free program available for download in the usual app stores from Google Play, iTunes, and Windows Phone.