Shell Shock Live

Together with allied players not bombard your opponent in the free online game Shell Shock Live and collect as many points.

The free-to-play tank game Shell Shock Live is a multiplayer game where you compete with other players against an opposing team. To participate in a game, you need not sign up, but can join directly to a match with a guest account. You may fight out a duel or to assert yourself in a team of up to six members. Each batch is assigned a room that you can just enter. In each of which is waiting for you another map. If you do not like the division of the group or would you rather design a card, you can go to Shell Shock Live alternatively itself a game open.

Fast multiplayer action in Shell Shock Live

The members of the teams face each other in Shell Shock Live. Your task is to collect as many points for your group. You'll do that by you run your attacks as accurately as possible and meet a lot of your enemies with one blow. You can the tank with the keys A and D forward and move back and pretend with the mouse the line of fire. At the bottom of the screen, you select the bullets. A cactus-bomb is divided into several small and increases the chances that you will meet an opponent, whereas the strike fires many small balls that land in a row and explode immediately.

Shell Shock Live

You stand your adversaries on different maps.

Once you've targeted, pressing the space bar and look at how the enemy tanks will be bombed. Too much time to think and goals you have in Shell Shock Live but not because within 20 seconds you have to run your train. Then the next player's turn. If your shot in Shell Shock Live goes wrong, you blow big holes in the ground that affect your marksmanship circumstances. Whenever you shoot the enemy, you get points. At the top of the screen you can see how many rounds played. The team with the most points at the end of the final round wins.